Prestasjonsutvikling fra et atferdsanalytisk perspektiv


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Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus

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Master i læring i komplekse systemer


When it comes to behavior analysis and other scientific approaches, minor research has been done concerning meetings in organizations. There has also been done minor research in what kind of assumptions that should be incorporated in a meeting and that are absolutely necessary in order for an increased behavior to appear. Article 1 will present the theory behind all this, and illuminate what is necessary for an increased behavior to appear in an organization. In article 2 an empiric study will be presented, discussing whether meetings with assumptions will increase behavior or not in an organization. Article 1 introduces theories that promotes at meetings will increased behavior, given the right assumptions in meetings. A meeting will be an indispensable condition for attention, and in order for reinforcement to appear, attention must be present. A meeting can be an arena where a certain behavior is brought into focus, to generate the best results. There has to be certain assumptions present in a meeting in order for increased behavior to appear. These assumptions can be categorized as culture, leadership, communication, goals, feedback, reinforcement and adjustment of working conditions. The empiric study in article 2 explores whether meetings in an organizations will result in increased behavior or not. 10 branches participated in the study, dividing them into groups of 5. The first group carried out several meetings, while the second group did none. Results show that Group 1 carried out 914 breddemøter in baseline, and Group 2 did 481. In the intervention the first group carried out 2484 breddemøter, and the second group did 511. Group 1 had an increase of 171,99 % from baseline to intervention, and Group 2 showed an increase of 6,23 %. In conclusion it is safe to say that H1 is supported, in meetings with assumptions will increase the behavior in an organization


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