Prestasjonsbasert belønning som kilde til motivasjon for eiendomsmeglere


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OsloMet - Storbyuniversitetet

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Master i økonomi og administrasjon


We examine how different forms of compensation in the real estate business has any effect on young real estate agent’s motivation. We have interviewed eight real estate agents, five with guarantee salary and three with 100% commission. The real estate agents that we interviewed was from different companies in the industry. Our finding, which is based on semistructured interviews, previous research and empiricism, suggests that there is a difference between these two groups of young real estate agents when it comes to motivation. In spite of the fact that those with a guarantee salary are experiencing facilitation and support from their workplace, we found that they had a more short-term perspective than those with only commission pay. We believe that these findings are because the guarantee salary is in a fact a loan for real estate agents. Our survey points to the fact that real estate agents with a guaranteed salary are slightly less motivated than real estate agents without a guarantee salary. However, we find that both groups are insiders and are driven by inner motivation. We have found out that both groups go into the profession initially external motivated, but that they become inner motivated when they understand what the job entails. Since they are external motivated when they start, external incentives will not displace inner motivation. We believe that the reward system works well, but based on our findings and theory, we still find improvement potential in today´s system. The real estate agents draw forward satisfied customers as motivation in the job as well as being involved. The real estate agents with guarantee salary express that the guarantee salary leads to stress because it is an advance payment that must be paid back. We have therefore made some recommendations that we believe can create better motivation and job performance and that fewer quit their jobs. One recommendation is that customer satisfaction could serve as a goal. Another recommendation is a strategy where the real estate agents themselves can set their own goals and get feedback along the way as to how they are. A third recommendation is to introduce a fixed salary for the newly educated real estate agents.




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