Praksis og relevans i yrkesopplæringen: elevenes erfaringer med praktiske opplæringsmetoder


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Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus

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Master i yrkespedagogikk


The purpose of this thesis was to achieve a more practical and relevant training for students on sales, service and security, level 2. There is a great need to establish more practical and real life situations for students in vocational training program. The idea was that they would become familiar with a desired profession and thus have better prospects for future career choices. The issue in this study was: "How to facilitate practical training on service and transport to create relevance to a vocation, and help to form a better basis for students on career choices?" The largest part of the practical training has been carried out in depth study project (ptf), with work experience in business. Cooperation with companies has therefore been very important. One of the objectives in the curriculum to ptf is that students will gain experience with content, tasks and working methods that characterize the different professions within the education programs. The graduate and business visits have also been part of the practical training. This is a qualitative study and data for this research were collected from action research which was the main strategy used. In addition, logs, stories, observation and interviews were carried out. The action research allowed for structure and organization in collecting data. Both companies and students wrote logs after each session as a tool for reflection. Stories and interviews were meant to aid in gathering students’ opinions and perceptions of the activity. This information was important in determining whether or not to continue with the activity. The results of the study show that students favored the in depth study program as it helped them with their career choice and to understand the relationship between theory and hands on learning. They were motivated to complete the program. The in depth study program also allowed many students to get in contact with businesses where they received an apprenticeship. The study also points out that when the in depth study takes place only in the classroom environment, its effect is greatly reduced. Students experienced success and gained confidence when they were allowed to work closely with businesses at their workplace. Company visits to the school were also valuable and many students felt it helped them choose a career path. These data support the view that learning in close collaboration with local community and business is very important and gives students a better chance to get an apprenticeship.


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