People with type 2 diabetes struggling for self‐management:A part study from the randomized controlled trial in RENEWING HEALTH


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Nursing Open;Volume6, Issue3


Wiley Open Access

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Aim: To develop a theoretical explanation for the daily life problems and challenges perceived by those living with type 2 diabetes.Design and Methods:We used a grounded theory approach with a constant comparative method to discover a framework with the core concept of struggling between “ought to do” and “want to do” and related concepts. Results:The struggle to self‐manage and maintain new habits can be more or less difficult depending on the patient's perceived conditions. We identified three situations illustrated in a diagram: one where there is less struggle to let go of old habits, a second where there is more of a struggle to balance between what individuals want to do and what they ought to do and a third where they are giving up struggling. Study findings show that healthcare personnel must consciously seek to understand how patients perceive their own situation.




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