Pedagogical and digital tool for the tertiary level: the learning eportfolio


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Høgskolen i Akershus

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Mundusfor Erasmus Mundus Master Degree - Education of Professionals in Education


This is a descriptive study about electronic portfolio and its utilisation in Higher Education. It presents and reflects upon the conceptual framework, purposes and benefits of e-portfolios and analyses the different implications of its implementation in the process of learning at the tertiary level of education. The study has been guided by the following research question: How can teachers and students make use of e-portfolios in the process of teaching and learning? Therefore the importance of the utilisation of e-portfolio as a tool for learning has been in the centre of the study and discussions about its applications. This study examines in depth the process and products of eportfolios and how they can be used as a pedagogical tool integrated to “learning to learn” activities. The author has kept the focus on three main purposes, which are followed throughout the study: · To present a practical experience about the use of student e-Portfolio at the tertiary level; · To contribute to the search for improvement of teaching practice at tertiary education covering the new demands European convergence; · To raise discussions about the use and design of e-portfolio as a valid tool for teaching at the university level. The practical activities carried out in two different universities located in two different countries provided the author with the opportunity to examine the implementation of eportfolios in two totally different contexts. Both experiences are described and reflected upon in the study. The main conclusions point out to the importance of using e-portfolios in Higher Education. If properly implemented and used well, e-portfolio can be a powerful tool for capturing student learning because it allows mentors, lecturers or trainers to keep the trace of the students learning. Institutions need to be aware of the impact that electronic portfolio development can have. Results suggest that it is recommendable to integrate e-portfolios with the new forms of pedagogy oriented towards student centered contexts.


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