On the normal sheaf of determinantal varieties


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Journal für die Reine und Angewandte Mathematik;


De Gruyter

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Let X be a standard determinantal scheme X of P^n of codimension c, i.e. a scheme defined by the maximal minors of a tx(t+c-1)homogeneous polynomial matrix A. In this paper, we study the main features of its normal sheaf \shN_X. We prove that under some mild restrictions: (1) there exists a line bundle \shL on X-Sing(X) such that \shN_X \otimes \shL is arithmetically Cohen–Macaulay and, even more, it is Ulrich whenever the entries of A are linear forms, (2) \shN_X is simple (hence, indecomposable) and, finally, (3) \shN_X is \mu-(semi)stable provided the entries of A are linear forms



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