On the Implications of Sense of Control over Bicycling : Design of a Physical Stamina-Aware Bike


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Proceedings of OZCHI;2010


ACM Press

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Bicycling has become a mainstream activity among the environmental aware generation. Bicycling communities have gradually shown interests in quantitative data of the bicycling experiences such as road roughness, inclination, pollution, etc. Bikers utilize these data to infer the possible stamina cost and quality of surroundings. This supports them to make a better decision. This study assumes that fitness level indexed by stamina cost could enhance a biker's sense of control. The prototype in this paper was developed to provide stamina cost information, which is inferred from the terrain patterns of a biking route. In the system evaluation, participants took a positive attitude toward this prototype and approved the importance of stamina cost feedback. This paper also concluded several key issues about designing the stamina cost feedback system for bikers.


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