Om begreper: Forståelse av Selvet i Atferdsanalyse


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Norsk atferdsanalytisk forening

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In dictionaries, the “self” is described as “… a central and unique side to an individual´s personality, characterized by the individual´s organized and lasting experiences of his or her identity.” For behaviorists the “self” can function as an acceptable label as long as the label is not in turn used to explain behavior which the label was meant to describe. The “self” has been described in behavioristic literature since the 1950´s, albeit in limited sources, and with limited depth. Although there are several methodological limitations and challenges in observations of the self, it does not mean that behaviorists should not be interested in investigating behaviors coined “self” further. We describe some important exceptions that deserve recognition, and discuss why “the self” may be a useful term for future behavioristic research.


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