Older Women’s Experience Of Everyday Life In Old Age: Past, Present And Future


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Physical & Occupational Therapy in Geriatrics;Volume 36, 2018 - Issue 2-3


Taylor & Francis

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Aims: To explore how older Norwegian women living at home experience ageing, and how their everyday life has been influenced by their encounters with the challenges of life. Methods: A qualitative design, interviewing ten women age 90 or older, was employed. Results: The overall theme of the findings is how everyday life in old age is influenced by past, present and future. The subcategories focus on (a) changes in daily life, (b) giving an account of life as it is, (c) various perceptions of experienced loss, and finally, (d) thoughts about the future. Conclusions: Older women need the opportunity to reflect upon their past, present and future existence to have a good everyday life in old age. Our findings might be important in shaping health promotion interventions for older people.




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