Offer, hemmet, aktiv, borger? : medieerfaringer blant individer med nedsatt funksjonsevne


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The article presents a study of the media experiences of a group of media actors with disabilities. The actors belong to large minorities in Norway – groups that have been the focus of several official reports and propositions, but that have been discriminated in a range of ways in Norwegian society. This is partly the normative point of departure for the study, but the question of discrimination in the media is open for exploration. Furthermore, the study draws on diverse theories on discrimination, among them Erving Goffman’s classic Stigma (1990 [1963]) and several inspirations from the «disability studies» field. Central questions focus on the experiences of the informants when it comes to media representation, not least through personal encounters with journalists, and on questions concerning how they would like to be represented in the media. Another important question is the degree to which these actors feel they can influence media representation through developing well thought out media strategies.




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