Ny politikk på diabetesfeltet?Nøkkelinformanters syn på dagens og morgendagens tilbud


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New polic y in type 2 diabetes care? Key informants ’ assessment o f today’s and tomorrow’s policy Health care service for patients with chronic diseases has undergone fundamental changes in recent years; focus on self - management, de - centralisation to municipals with an emphasis on prevention and an urge for interdisciplinary and intersectoral collabora tion . In the operationalization of the political signals to specific measures in the field, key actors’ understandings influence the formulation of policy. As part of a larger international study (EU - Wise) qualitative semi - structural interview was performe d with 15 informants who hold key positions with an ability to influence the specific implementation of health policy for people with type 2 diabetes. The key informants showed abundant variation in what they saw as important challenges and measures. The informants have few descriptions of initiatives to fight social inequalities and were vague in their descriptions of measures that are not individual - oriented. The vagueness may indicate the need for more specific recommendations of measures in the field




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