Norsk oversettelse og tilpasning av Occupational Questionnaire: Kartlegging av Dine Aktiviteter (KDA)


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Norsk Ergoterapeutforbund

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The Occupational Questionnaire (OQ) is an instrument used in registration and assessment of activities to investigate the subjective qualities of activities, originally developed in the USA in 1986. Later on, the instrument has been translated into many languages and has been used in occupational therapy research, education, and practice. Previous Norwegian translations of the OQ appear not to have adhered to established procedures and standards for translation and cross-cultural adaption of instruments. The aim of this article is to describe the process of developing a Norwegian version of the OQ, a process performed in line with recommended procedures for cultural translation and adaptation of patient reported outcome measures. The process included using two pilot samples (total n = 85) to investigate the feasibility of two consecutive versions of the translated OQ. With this article, the end product, Kartlegging av Dine Aktiviteter (KDA), is launched as a relevant instrument for activity registration and assessment of the subjective qualities of activities, for use among occupational therapists and occupational therapy researchers in Norway.


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