Newly qualified teachers' professional digital competence: implications for teacher education


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European Journal of Teacher Education;Volume 41 - Issue 2


Taylor & Francis

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The professional digital competence (PDC) of teachers is of growing importance in classrooms, now that digital resources and digital media are becoming important parts of teachers’ everyday practice. This study explores how newly qualified teachers are prepared to use ICT in their initial teacher education (ITE). We present findings of a nationwide survey in Norway on 356 newly qualified teachers. It explores how these teachers’ information and communication technology (ICT) self-efficacy is related to how they perceive the quality of, and contributions from, their ITE related to ICT and the development of their PDC. In general, newly qualified teachers report fairly poor quality and contribution of ICT training during their teacher education. We claim that it is necessary to look at ways to review the quality of ITE and contribute specifically to the development of PDC and developing ICT self-efficacy in ITE.




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