Need for further development in service life modelling of concrete structures in chloride environment


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Designing concrete structures for a very long service life may have considerable economic and societ al benefits including minimized material co nsumption over the long term , thus contribute to more sustainable solutions. However, such long service lives require determination and extrapolation of environmental loadings and material durability perf ormance over a long perio d, as well as reliable and operational models for service life predictions. C odes and standards give deem - to - satisfied recommendations for intended working (service) life up to about 100 years. However, i f higher working lives of 200 and 300 year s are specified , as for monumental bu ildings, bridges and oth er important infrastructures, more in - depth service life predictions are required . This paper focuses on durability and service life predictions for reinforced concrete structures for working (service) life requ i rements above 100 years




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