Mobile Health Care and Health Behavior Change : Development of a System for Virtual Counseling based on Written Diary Questionnaires and Situational Feedback


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The proceedings of Unitech : International Conference on Universal Technologies;2010


Tapir Akademiske Forlag

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In the future virtual e-health counseling through the mobile phones will be an important feature of health care. Patients are shortly in face to face contact with health care personal. Many patients face challenges living with chronic diseases and the patients have to change health behavior and life style to life as healthy as possible with a high degree of quality of life. Development of new ways of health counseling should also apply principles of universal design as accessibility for all and ease of use. We have designed a system for virtual counseling through written questionnaire diaries and situational feedback – the that is delivered to the patient through an internet enabled mobile phone. The system is applied in a pilot study with patients with widespread chronic musculoskeletal pain and is currently running in a randomized controlled study within the same patient group. The system ensures safe contact with the patients and has been running successfully for 30 month. The patients are able to use the cell phone with a short f2f instruction. The therapists can easy follow patients’ responses independent of place. The researcher can easily extract data from the system. At the present moment the 2nd generation of the system will be redesigned in order to improve the functionality further and to be tested out in other patient samples – contributing to increase the universal accessibility of new methods in health counseling.


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