Mining time-dependent influential users in Facebook fans group


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Klout, a famous App, could measure people's social network influence power. Klout score is measured according to the data from past 90 days and an individual who has high Klout score is thought as having high social influence power. Lots of businesses or organizations like to hire high Klout score people to help them to diffuse their brand images. However, Klout score cannot tell us who has high influence power in a specific short time period. For example, it is possible that some of the users might always have high influence power on Monday or on Monday morning. These time-dependent influential users probably have low Klout scores in average but have high influence power in some specific time periods. Businesses should not just know who are the high Klout score users but also they should identify who are the time-dependent influential users because all of them may have some sort of power to influence other users' buying decisions. In this study, a framework based on frequent pattern mining is proposed to find the time-dependent influential users. First of all, the framework will divide a predefined long time period into successive short time segments and then influential transactions that contain Facebook fans' influence power data will be defined in each time segment. From the frequent patterns, the proper time for time-dependent influence users to spread information can be found. A theoretical experiment is given to verify the effectiveness of the proposed framework.




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