Measuring digit ratio with smart phone to unveil health conditions and behavior


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IEEE Computer Society

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Finger lengths have fascinated scientific researchers for a long time and people hardly notice different underpinnings of the relation between the shape and size of our body to the scientific meanings. The idea behind the shape of the palm length of the fingers indicates something profound about people sexual proclivities and vulnerability to certain diseases. In order to investigate and intervene in this health concern we measure the digit ratio that is the ratio of the lengths of different digits. The index finger (2D) and ring finger (4D) for both the hands are typically measured from the midpoint of the bottom crease where the finger joins the hand to the tip of the finger. This study uses smart phone camera to take the hand image and then measure relative lengths of the second (2D) and the fourth (4D) fingers. Their ratio is calculated by dividing the length of the index finger by the length of the ring finger of the hand. This finger reading foretells information of an individual´s psychology, motivations, health and social behavior such as homosexuality, cancers, musical ability, aggressive personality, passive personality traits, development disorder such as Dyslexia (which can be termed as literacy deficiencies), athletic ability and dexterity innate ability in key cognitive areas.



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