Maximizing hypervisor scalability using minimal virtual machines


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IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Science;


IEEE Computer Society

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The smallest instance offered by Amazon EC2 comes with 615MB memory and a 7.9GB disk image. While small by today's standards, embedded web servers with memory footprints well under 100kB, indicate that there is much to be saved. In this work we investigate how large VM-populations the open Stack hyper visor can be made to sustain, by tuning it for scalability and minimizing virtual machine images. Request-driven Qemu images of 512 byte are written in assembly, and more than 110 000 such instances are successfully booted on a 48 core host, before memory is exhausted. Other factors are shown to dramatically improve scalability, to the point where 10 000 virtual machines consume no more than 2.06% of the hyper visor CPU.


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