Material innovation: case studies of tangible workingmaterial in technology, art and design


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The Design Society

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There still are unexplored entrepreneurial potentials for collaboration in design , art and engineering. Heimdal & Rosenquist has explored three roles of textiles as tangible working materials in such co - design processes . However, more knowledge is needed about innovative design processes that involve new use of materials. The aim of this study was to identify po tentials for sustaina ble innovation in tangible working materials in design processes . This was analysed in a ‘ preservation of div erse cultures’ perspective from Deep E cology . Case studies were performed on the design and engineering of innovative use of materials for product development and for design of the environment . Context s for the case studies were in cement industries, experimental use of cement in design education, 3D printing of plaster, clay and cement based composites, public art in a terrazzo floor in a school and concrete art sculptures in a hospital park . The findings were discussed in relation to ecology to contribute to concepts for sustainable collaborative practices between technology, art and design .




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