Lek og voksenrollen: En studie om barns lek og de voksnes involvering


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Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus

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Master i barnehagepedagogikk


This is a qualitative research paper on children’s play and the adult’s role in children’s play. The method used is focus group interviews with the preschool teachers in four different kindergartens, in three different municipality/communities. This qualitative research is inspired by phenomenology and hermeneutics. In this respect it is the preschool teacher’s point of view of play and their involvement in children’s play that is the background for this study. Their points of view are analyzed by me as the interpreter. There are many and varied perspective on play and adults involvement in children’s play. This paper takes on a few of them in light of the findings in this study. In the theoretical part of this paper, I will look at different ways play is perceived by different theorists, and how the adult’s role in children’s play has been a debate from the early year of the kindergarten profession. Furthermore it will look closer on different ways adult’s involvement may be expressed. Like the intrinsic value of play and play as a way to learn. It will reflect on different ways to facilitate children’s play by the adult as a guide, observant and facilitator. In addition there are some ethical dilemmas and ways of understanding the children and children’s play through recognition and children’s participation.


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