“It is both scary and exciting” - Home care nurses’ experiences with medication-kits as tools in a palliative context


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Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences

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Master i sykepleie - klinisk forskning og fagutvikling


Purpose: The purpose of the study is to develop new knowledge on home care nurses’ experiences with the medication-kit as a tool in symptom management for home-dwelling patients in the terminal phase. Method: The study had a qualitative, descriptive and explorative design, anchored in hermeneutic methodology. Data were generated through two focus-group interviews with four subsequent in-depth interviews. Results: The nurses reported that planning and clear instructions regarding the use of the medication-kit gave security and facilitated the use of the medication-kit. Good collaboration with the primary physician, accessibility and clarifying meetings in particular were necessary. Low continuity in the use of the medication-kit hindered its use. The nurses were often alone with the responsibility for assessing the patient and administering the medications. This frequently created professionally untenable situations, particularly on the night shift. Conclusion: Clear structures, such as planning and clarifying meetings with the primary physician facilitate the use of the medication-kit. Low continuity in the use of the medicationkit, and great responsibility for the home care nurses running the service, are conditions that hinder the use of the medication-kit.




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