Interdisciplinarity and information literacy: Librarians' competencies in emerging settings of higher education


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Association for information science and technology

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Our aim with this conceptual analysis is to demonstrate possible expectations put on librarians who are en gaged in interdisciplinary courses in higher education programs . We do so by relating views on interdisciplinarity with views on information literacy. We distinguish views on interdisciplinarity by the degree of integration between disciplinary components and views on information literacy by the degree of participation in addressing research problems . The analysis brings forth f our cases . The cases entail different professional competencies that range from source - oriented technical skills applicable in mult i - disciplinary settings to collaborative negotiations of research problems an d information needed to address them in inter - disciplinary fields . This conceptual account has a twofold potential: First, i t has a capacity of informing academic libraries about alternative paths in develop ing or revis ing activities for interdisciplinary education . Second, it also provide s a framework for developing future research problems that address current challenges related to information literacy in interdisciplinary settings.


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