Innsikt, utsikt og oversikt. Transparens og glassvegger i nye skoleanlegg


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Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus

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This article discusses the openness and transparency in school buildings. I focus on new secondary schools constructed with transparency, flexible room solutions and extensive use of glass walls. With indoor glass walls, the various activities in the school became observable; teachers and students were also more visible to each other, for better or worse. An interpretation of the concept of transparency is central in the first part of the article. I analyse and discuss transparency as a concept and a phenomenon in architecture and relate this analysis to the school facilities. Based on a critical and realistic perspective, I raise questions about why transparent solutions with glass walls are chosen in new secondary schools. I discuss possible explanations, focus on the background for some perspective and highlight various arguments. Architects and teachers have different points of departure for their perception of transparency in school buildings. I also question politicians’ and school owners' desire for open and transparent school buildings. The article suggests that trends and tendencies play a role, and that a focus on transparency in school buildings also indicates an open culture



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