Innovasjonsprosesser i organisasjoner [artikkel 1]


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MALKS 2011;


Høgskolen i Akershus

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Master i læring i komplekse systemer


These two articles address the subject of innovation processes in organisations, from a traditional perspective and from a complexity theory framework. The first article begins with a brief historical review of studies on innovation in organizations, followed by a theme-based review identifying components associated with success as described in the literature of innovation in organizations. A short introduction to complexity theory is given, before a brief review of specific complexity theory-based studies of innovation is presented. The discussion revolves around identifying complexity theory approaches in the traditional literature on innovation theory, and how the different approaches to innovation processes seems to aim at producing either incremental or radical innovations. The second article contains case studies of two radical innovations produced by two high-tech companies resided in Norway. A brief review of success factors identified in the literature on innovative organizations is presented, which is then used in the analysis of the two cases. The two cases are also analyzed in terms of the previously presented complexity theory framework. The conclusive statement of the article is that the innovation processes in the two cases seems best described using a complexity theory framework, differentiating between incremental and disruptive innovation. Furthermore, the article suggests further studies that specifically focuses on the production of disruptive innovations within a complexity theory framework


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