Improving the process of teaching and learning through learning groups


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Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus. Institutt for yrkesfaglærerutdanning

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Master i yrkespedagogikk


The purpose of this study was to find means of Working with students of Kyambogo University to improve the teaching and learning process through learning groups. The researcher seeks to tackle the problem of unemployment among the youths in Uganda by devising means of passing on and sharing knowledge and skills to do with employability. The theme of this thesis is a result of recommendations from project three. In the due course, the study employed a qualitative approach in line with the action research. The researcher put data together with the aid of one on one interactions, observation of the participants, audio and video recording with emphasis on the learners, lecturers, and employers. The class had twenty-two (22) learners who also doubled as participants. During data analysis, the researcher aimed at identifying the different achievements of learning groups amongst the learners, and the influence to their skills even after leaving Kyambogo University. From the findings and interactions with different stakeholders, it seems like learning groups are very good for both the teachers and the learners. However, this is only if the whole process is done democratically, with great attention given to the input of the industry. With such coordination in place, the high rates of unemployed youths will come down, thus bring about development in the communities where the graduates operate.




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