Improving teaching and learning process of pastry and bakery using learner centered approaches


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Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus. Institutt for yrkesfaglærerutdanning

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Master i yrkespedagogikk


The main purpose of the study was to improve the teaching and learning process of pastry and bakery. The traditional lecture method had dominated it and therefore students had little involvement in the teaching and learning process. The study employed ideas from a Qualitative research design and an Action Research approach. Through action research, the concerned parties were able to participate actively and to evaluate the processes and experiences through reflections done at the end of every phase of the project. Eight Students of the certificate class of 2015 September intake and two (2) instructors in the pastry and bakery department participated in all aspects of the project to recycle organic kitchen refuse into briquettes. Interviews, observations and logs were the data collection tools used. From the data collected, participants appreciated the idea of learning through projects especially recycling organic kitchen refuse to make briquettes since briquette making improves the ecosystem and saves the trees. Briquettes are eco and healthy friendly since they do not produce smoke as they burn. During the project, learners worked as a group, shared responsibilities under their student leadership. Students also reviewed their own, colleagues and teachers’ roles in class. After receiving critiques, students were able to improve their work. Students also had an opportunity to evaluate the work of the teachers. This was in terms of their activity in class and ability to let students work on their own. Because of the experiences and reflections got from the project, it is necessary to note that involving learners in the teaching and learning process is necessary for effective learning. There is also need to consider learners’ prior knowledge before introducing new knowledge. This therefore means that the teaching and learning environment should have qualities that encourage learners to own, be responsible and appreciate their learning.




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