Improving my practice as a facilitator of learning while using learner-centred approaches to teaching and learning: an action research project carried at the section of Technological studies, Department of Civil and Building Engineering, Kyambogo University, Uganda


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Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus

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Master i yrkespedagogikk


This thesis is a documentation of a study I carried out in attempt to improve my practice as a teacher through use of learner centred approaches learning focusing on Experiential and Cooperative learning while working with teacher trainees at Kyambogo University. My exposure to learner centred approaches (LCA) during my study at HiOA created in me a desire to make a shift from delivering content to facilitating learning and knowledge creation; a source of my motivation to research into my practice with a question “How I can improve my practice? Through this research, I have been able to experiment, experience and develop my understanding of how these approaches can be sustainably employed in Ugandan context. Through the descriptions of my experiences garnered in the process, this thesis discloses the process of my actions and learning; portraying a cyclical process which enables me to reflect upon my experiences in order to understand my practice better in collaboration with other people as colleagues. Through various methods and tools such as: interviews, observation, dialogue, discussions, logs, photography and documentary analysis, I was able to collect and document my actions and those of the participants which has been the ‘heart’ of this report.


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