Improving my facilitating skills in clothing and textiles through use of learner centred approaches: an action research project carried out at the Department of Human Nutrition and Home Economics of Kyambogo University, Uganda


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Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus

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Master i yrkespedagogikk


My thesis document is a report of an Action Research Project carried at Kyambogo University aimed at improving my practical ability in facilitating Student Centred Learning in the Learning of Clothing and Textiles in which I collaborated with another teacher in the same Department for support, continuity and sustainability purposes. The theme of the research is based on the living theory Action Research approach of: How can I improve my practice? It is through asking this question and trying to answer it that I have examined how I have been doing my work as a facilitator, teacher, student and researcher. Severally during the Action Research I have reflected and realised that sometimes what I am doing is in conflict with my values and belief in determination, hard work and continuous improvement to live in harmony with others that I work and interact with in the daily activities. This consequently has necessitated me to repeatedly ask the same question of how to improve my practice. Trying to answer the question and several others that emerged under it, I have used research methods and tools including dialoguing, observation, conversations, informal interviews, and discussions and photographing that I gathered data that I have documented in this document


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