Improving gait after stroke – treadmill or walking; quantity or quality


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Journal of CyberTherapy & Rehabilitation;2,(3)


The Virtual Reality Medical Institute

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The main aim with he present study was to evaluate treadmill training versus walking outdoor in order to improve quality aspects like step length, step width, cadence and quantitative aspects like endurance, walking speed and distance in walking. A secondary aim was to evaluate factors that might be influential in retrieving walking capacity. The results indicate that treadmill walking achieved improved function in less time and regarding bilateral step length with higher degree of symmetrical use. The treadmill group gained increase in walking speed and distance, equally long and longer step length bilaterally in less time than the outdoor walking class supports the notion exercises on a treadmill walking is an effective and important tool in rehabilitation. The patients were well past the acute period of time after stroke, the fact that both treadmill and walking outdoors did improve in functional activities supports the importance of “booster doses” of rehabilitation in order to maintain physical function levels.


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