Igloo - an unplugged space in an online home


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Høgskolen i Akershus

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Master i produktdesign


Igloo – an unplugged space in an online home. Our age in affluent society is deeply defined by access to information, communication and privileges of a great variety of choices on all levels. The information technological revolution represents an indisputable paradigmatic switch involving democratization and freedom of speech. However this development also brings challenges like information and choice overload, and constant availability changes the way we perceive the world. In the work presented in this report it has been worked according to following research question: Through analysis of distracting impulses in light of relevant theory, develop a sheltered zone that provides an opportunity to limit such impulses in the context of a home situation. This project consisted in building a theoretical foundation functioning as a framework product development. It concluded that the presented concept had two sides: It is a comment to a contemporary phenomenon in society. Igloo is also a product concept made for the home sphere, outlining a unplugged space intended to limit distracting impulses from availability


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