How to develop a universally designed co-located Collaborative Mobile Learning game: The case of children and elderly users in China


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Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences

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Master in Universal Design of ICT


This project is about applying Collaborative Mobile Learning for the special case of elderly people and children in China. Specifically, a co-located Collaborative Mobile Learning game prototype was designed and implemented for the purpose of improving English learning and socialization among users. The project work has been conducted according to User-Centered Design (UCD) research methodology. In order to make it universally designed, this project integrated accessibility into UCD. 10 representative participants were involved in this process. Interviews, observation, usability testing, and heuristic evaluation were used in this project. Several aspects associated with Universal Design were addressed, such as user diversity, situational variations, usability and accessibility. Based on user diversity, personalization was adopted to cope with different user requirements. Usability testing has been conducted in different stages with different focuses. For instance, formative testing was carried out at the very beginning of proposal to validate concept design. Summative testing has been conducted to reveal the majority usability issues of the viable prototypes. Heuristic evaluation was applied in order to address the accessibility issues of the prototype. The results of usability testing confirmed the majority of participants perceived the prototype was easily and effectively to use, and they were subjectively satisfied. Results of heuristic evaluation regarding accessibility indicated the tested prototype worked partially in terms of assistive technology and situational variations. Most importantly, communication and socialization were improved while using the prototype according to observation. These results indicate the benefits the co-located Collaborative Mobile learning game could offer for elderly people and children in China.


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