Fotografi og studiespesialiserende formgivingsfag : betrakning og tilknytning


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Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus. Institutt for estetiske fag

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Master i formgiving, kunst og håndverk


This master thesis focuses on upper secondary education Specialization in general studies for the programme area Art, craft and design Formgivingsfag. The aim is to achieve understanding about this programmes value and significants, and to contribute with reflections to strengthen the programme. The second aim with the thesis is to focus on photography as a visual means of expression and as a concept related to aesthetic and visual communications. The photography is in this thesis strongly related to the acquisition of knowledge in a creative process. With photography as a tool the thesis takes on the meeting between immediate environment and the person taking a picture, focusing on the development of self and society. The thesis deals with two issues: What is described by the school management, teachers and pupils from upper secondary education as positive and negative experiences in the education of the programme Formgivingsfag? How can photography as a visual form of expression contribute in the development of knowledge on the immediate environment? The strategies chosen to illuminate the problem hold three methods. Research interview has been used as a method, interviewing former students and teachers with experiences in the programme. The interview also consisted of representatives from the management of the school where the interviews were conducted. The thesis artistic development work has aimed to develop my knowledge of photography, and my own connection to the immediate environment in Finnmark. This thesis has a didactic motivation. The third part of the strategy has been didactic motivated and consist of a didactic project with students in upper secondary education where they would photograph their immediate surroundings in Finnmark. The intention was to examine how students look at their local community and how this will be expressed through their photographs.


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