Forum theatre in a Community theatre Environment


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Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences

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Master i estetiske fag


This master’s thesis presents results of a research carried out in Coastal region in Tanzania specifically Bagamoyo district in October 2015. The study aimed to answer the question: What are the implications of introducing Forum theatre to the Community theatre participants in Bagamoyo? It has been carried out as a practicebased- research work where the materials are analyzed through a qualitative content analysis and a narrative inquiry. This study came up with four topics that have been analyzed and discussed in relation to different theories and context. The power of the audience stands as the first topic followed by From spectator to spect-actor, The aesthetics of Forum theatre and The joker – as a difficultator and a midwife. The study discusses changes that would be needed so as people could get used to Forum theatre, which is new to them as to how they are used to Community theatre.


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