Forskning på pasientundervisning 1994-2004 : hvilke teorier og begreper anvendes i pasientundervisning?


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Norsk tidsskrift for sykepleieforskning;12 (4)


Norsk selskap for sykepleieforskning

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Patient-education research 1994-2004. Theories, concepts, categories and methods. The aim of this overview was to explore aspects of patient-education-research. The research questions were: what theoretical perspectives do we find in patient education, which concepts are used in patient education, how are the studies categorized, and which methods are used in the period from 1994.2004? . A literature overview was conducted. Computerized searches from 1994-2004 were done through Cinahl and Medline, using the keywords “patient education”, “research” and “theories” , “patient education”, “research” and “concepts”. The articles were read and categorized according to the research questions. The theoretical perspectives in patient education in this period were mostly psychological and sociological, but also health belief models and frameworks based on Nursing Theories were found. The most central concept is information, but also education and counseling were used. Empowerment and related concepts were found goals. Mostly quantitative designs were used. In further research, we need to clarify concepts and study patient education within the framework of nursing theories or caring.



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