Formidling av merkevare gjennom design for produkttilnytning


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Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus

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Master i produktdesign


This project addresses the challenges connected to strengthening a brands communication through the use of product attachment. The project is a collaboration project done with the Norwegian company Rottefella. The goal is to make more users aware of their brand and connect it to cross country skiing. By mapping the user needs I have come up with several concepts that address issues found through the mapping. By the use of emotional attachment methods, I have found several features that can be put in to the product to create a stronger emotional bond between the brand, product and user. This process has resulted in a storage and carrying system for use when cross country skiing. The product name is Multitaske. What makes this product special is that it is not only intended for basic storage of equipment during a ski trip. In addition, it also functions as carrying system for skis and poles before and after skiing. The idea behind the product is to expose the product and Rottefellas logo in the desired setting, when skiing. Several potential users will then see the logo and product in use. This could over time make users more aware of Rottefellas brand and strengthen their market value. The personal connection between the user, brand and the product is based on positive experiences regarding the use of the product. By frequent use, habits will be established and the product and brand attachment will grow stronger


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