Food preparation at home: an example of new practical strategies in the Swedish municipal food service - a qualitative study


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Canadian Center of Science and Education

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The purpose of the present study was to describe how one of 290 Swedish municipalities improved its FS service by terminating their earlier service of food distribution (FD) which was the delivery of ready cooked meals produced at a central kitchen in the community and introducing food preparation at the client’s home. The revised system is referred to as the new FS. This study was performed using an action research approach. The data was collected by individual- and group interviews and through participatory observations. The transcribed interview material was analysed using qualitative conten t analysis. The (n=30) subjects were recruited The findings of this study revealed that the new FS was expe rienced as being a good service, that the new municipal FS met individual needs in a better way and that the elderly recipients could participate more actively in planning and preparing their meals. In conclusion, it was found that having their food prepared at home was considered by many of the recipients to be synonymous with individually adjusted help. The results of the study could have implications for nursing, public administration and gerontology.




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