Family Caregivers' Experiences in Nursing Homes: Narratives on Human Dignity and Uneasiness


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Research in gerontological nursing;7(6)



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This qualitative study focused on dignity in nursing homes from the perspective of family caregivers. Dignity is a complex concept and central to nursing. Dignity in nursing homes is a challenge, according to research. Family caregivers are frequently involved in their family members’ daily experiences at the nursing home. Twenty-eight family caregivers were included in this Scandinavian cross-country, descriptive, and explorative study. A phenomenological-hermeneutic approach was used to understand the meaning of the narrated text. The interpretations revealed two main themes: “One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself” and “Uneasiness due to indignity.” Dignity was maintained in experiences of respect, confidence, security, and charity. Uneasiness occurred when indignity arose. Although family caregivers may be taciturn, their voices are important in nursing homes. Further investigation of family caregivers’ experiences in the context of nursing homes is warranted.



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