Exploring New Service Portfolio Management


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Most research on the management of innovation portfolios has focused on new product portfolios, whereas the management of new service portfolios has not been researched correspondingly. This paper addresses this literature gap by exploring portfolio management of New Service Development (NSD) activities empirically. The paper applies a qualitative research design, where data was collected in 52 in-depth interviews with managers and employees involved with NSD. The study finds that the portfolio management activities and processes were carried out in parallel with the NSD process, and that the most important stakeholders in the NSD portfolio management organization were top managers not involved in the daily NSD operations. Findings reveal that the firms used a great variety of criteria when making portfolio decisions. However, contrary to prescriptions based on new product development research, the decision process exposed for NSD was to a limited degree assisted by explicit portfolio management tools. We explicate our findings in five propositions.




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