Etablering av trenerferdigheter: en oversikt over anvendte opplæringsmetoder for "avgrensede repetisjoner" = Establishing training skills: a review of the applied training methods for discrete trials teaching: artikkel 1


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Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus

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Master i læring i komplekse systemer


The purpose of article 1 is to present a review of the published literature on how to train staff to conduct discrete trials teaching (DTT). Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are related with complex learning challenges. DTT is a well documented effective training method which addresses some of these challenges. However, implementation of DTT requires considerable training. In spite of this, the literature investigating effective training methods for how to teach persons to conduct DTT is limited. This article reviews 21 publications from 1977 up till today focusing on training methods and methods for measuring the effect of the training. Overall, it is difficult to draw conclusions of which training method that has been effective due to large variations in training packages, the duration of the training, and the use of different methods for measuring teaching skills. Implications are discussed, including suggestions for future research. The study in article 2 investigated the effect of videoconferencing in training staff to implement discrete trials teaching in real life settings with children with autism. Fourteen participants were randomly assigned to two groups. One group received training on-site, the other group received training via videoconference. The participants received 3x15 minutes of training on three different programs; matching, receptive and expressive labeling. The results showed no significant differences between the groups in the post test whilst both groups had improved significantly following training. Although preliminary, these results suggests that videoconferencing can be an efficacious, rapid and cost-saving way to train staff in how to implement DTT



Masteroppgaven består av 2 artikler. Artikkel 1 på norsk og artikkel 2 på engelsk

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