Etablering av grammatikk


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Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus

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Master i læring i komplekse systemer


Behavior analysis has been criticized for not being able to explain how grammar is acquired. Is it possible to establish grammar through operant selection like many in behavior analysis claim - or is it a kind of device in the brain that transforms language into grammar like many in the psycho- linguistic tradition claim. Recent research in behavior analysis suggests that grammar is acquired in the verbal culture. Article one highlights Skinner´s (1957) analysis of verbal behavior and the role that operant principles may have in acquisition of grammatically correct novel verbal behavior. It will also discuss theories structural psychologies propose to explain grammar. Article two is an experimental study on the acquisition of basic grammar, focusing on operant principles and sufficient response exemplar training (SET). Our results show that the participants acquired grammatically correct concord between article and the form of the adjective. Furthermore, I will discuss the possibility of operationalizing such concord in terms of relational autoclitics.


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