Enhancing creativity and play through accessible projector-based interactive PC-control touch technology


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The proceedings of Unitech : International Conference on Universal Technologies;2010


Tapir Akademiske Forlag

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Standard computer peripherals are often challenging to use for mobility impaired, and in particular controlling computer mouse movements efficiently and without risking strain injuries. Projected touch screen technology show promise in this respect. This paper presents a Projected Interactive PC-control pilot (PIP) solution for computer interaction. The paper focus on testing and improving the usability of the PIP solution through iterative user tests with mobility impaired children. It describes prototype improvements aimed at fulfilling the requirements of users with reduced motor skills, and discusses challenges and key findings from the extensive usability tests. Our results demonstrates that interactive touch based solutions may enable heavily impaired children to independently partake in creative activities and play, and points to the value of creating a touch based computer interaction solution tailored to the needs of this user group.


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