Enhancing academic literacy among academic staff and students: seminars and workshops


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Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education

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This paper presents studies conducted on Norwegian students’ and lecturers’ academic literacy. The studies reveal that students are struggling to meet the requirements for academic writing and that they benefit to a small extent from the ordinary writing instruction they receive. Students want tutorials that promotes learning and academic literacy, but the lecturers' own literacy does not seem to be sufficient to meet these needs. These findings form the basis for how the unit Diversity in Pedagogical Practices is working to develop the teaching staff’s literacy so they are able to support the students' writing process and help students to write about knowledge and evidence based practice in an academic way. Two participant-centered offers are presented: a series of seminars for academic staff at the Department of Nursing, and a workshop with students, librarians and lecturers, all attending LATINA Post-IT Summer School 2013.



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