Effect of pit distance on failure probability of corroded RC beam


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The present paper studies effect of the variation of pit distance on structural reliability of a reinforced concrete (RC) beam, with particular emphasis on the interference of localized corrosion on adjacent tensile rebars. The research question leading the inquiry of this article is how does average distance between corrosion pits in rebars affect the probability of failure in RC beams. In this paper, by using Monte Carlo Simulation (MCS), probabilities of failure in a corroded RC beam with different pit distances are quantified. Uncertainties in material properties, geometry, loads, corrosion modelling, pit distances and pit interference are taken into account. Statistical data reported in literature regarding the extent and location of corrosion is utilized to undertake a parametric study of corresponding probability distribution functions. According to results, variation of pit distance has significant influence on probabilities of failure. This influence increases if the effect of interference of localized corrosion is taking into account.




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