Effect of one-year combined program of supervised resistance training and home based training on strength and functional capacities of a 70-year old patient diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. A case report


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The value of resistance training (RT) for people with Parkinson disease (PD) is disputed, but recent research shows promising results regarding effects of intensive RT. The main aim of this case report was to develop a combined model consisting of home-based training (HT) and supervised RT as a 1-year follow-up to evaluate changes in functional capacities of a patient with PD. The intervention consisted of 8 weeks of supervised progressive RT, followed by 12 weeks of individual HT. This sequence was then repeated, for a total follow-up of 12 months. Functional capacities were assessed between all training periods with a battery of clinical measures. During the second HT period, functional outcomes and muscle strength were better preserved compared with the first HT period. These results are important regarding how to design and implement efficient exercise regimens for patients with PD and show that progressive RT twice a week for 2 months combined with home training in periods is effective in improving muscular strength and functional capacities.




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