Dyadic relationships for leaders in facility management


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International Journal of Facility Management;4(1)


Georgia Institute of Technology

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Several studies during the last decades have made evident positive consequences for an organization if a leader obtains relationships of high quality with the single subordinate. The quality of the single relationship is correlated with job performance, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, intention to quit and absence from work. Because the facility management industry is work intensive, these connections are of great importance. By help of a case study with 16 cases, I wanted to get an understanding of how the leaders practiced relation building and whether different qualities in the individual relationship to the subordinates lead to challenges in the work environment. The method was in-depth interviews. The leaders varied in their efforts to build relationships to their single subordinate. Several of them admitted that they had employees they wanted should quit. A few claimed that they did not want to lose any of their employees. The leaders were afraid of showing that they liked some subordinates better than others



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