Digitalized Discharge Planning between Hospitals and Municipal Health Care


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Studies in Health Technology and Informatics;Volume 250: Nursing Informatics 2018


IOS Press

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The use of digitalized collaboration between levels of care is expected to improve coordination in patients’ transitions. The aim of this study was to investigate how safe and effective e- messages were regarding discharge planning between hospital nurses and the municipal level of administration. A nationwide survey was conducted among 2 431 Norwegian nurses working in inpatient wards in general hospitals. A majority (86%) of the nurses used e-messages as their main mode of communication with the administration when older patients were discharged. Most nurses (73%) found that e-messages were effective in their collaboration, and that e-messages ensured safe discharge for older patients (65%). More than half of the nurses reported be- ing satisfied with the collaboration with the administration. E- messages supported hospital nurses in their discharge planning for older patients. However, they sometimes needed to use the telephone to exchange additional and more detailed information.




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