Digitale historiefortelling som kontekstuell læring i yrkesfaglig undervisning


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Nordic Journal of Vocational Education and Training;Vol. 8, No. 1


Linköping University Electronic Press

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Digital skills are needed in order to use digital media for learning purposes and to cope with today’s knowledge society. In recent years, digital storytelling has become a modern way of telling stories, and in learning facilities it has been used as a reflec-tion medium. Vocational training often requires the dissemination of tacit and prac-tice-based knowledge, and the trainers of vocational teachers have been lacking an appropriate approach. The aim of the study was therefore to evaluate digital story-telling as an educational approach in vocational education. Data were obtained by participatory observation and included 19 digital storytellings, text analysis of 18 subject evaluations and text analysis of 19 reflection notes. Data from visual material (digital storytelling) and textual analyses were categorized, grouped and then dis-cussed and analyzed using phenomenological analysis. Our findings showed that digital storytelling as an educational approach, pro-mote learning outcomes through practical skills and increase the active use of subject terminology. The results showed further that digital storytelling promote reflection on one own and others’ actions and thus increase understanding of the actual work process in vocational education. Digital stories as an educational approach can increase didactic skills and hence digital skills while allowing participants to learn from each other’s challenges.




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