Developing my practical ability in facilitating learning while instructors of NPAYVTC in learning groups as a facilitator


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Høgskolen i Akershus

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Master i yrkespedagogikk


The theme of the study is developing a deeper understanding about learning and how to facilitate learning processes of my students, through experiential learning. This theme led me to the problem statement that guided the study, which is; how can I develop my practical ability in facilitating learning processes, while working with willing instructors of Norwegian People’s Aid’s Vocational Training Center in Yei, South Sudan in learning groups, as a facilitator? This was aimed at developing a shared understanding of the usefulness of learning groups, as a part of the methodology in Student Centered Learning (SCL). Basing on this aim and the problem statement; the participants in their learning groups and I (facilitator), discussed our understanding of a learning group (definition and characteristics); and the influence of gender aspect to an effective learning group dialogue. We also discussed our understanding of SCL (definition, characteristics and indicators); where participants related SCL to learning groups. In order to evaluate our learning processes, participants and I also documented and shared our learning experiences from the process. Whereas the participants opted to use blogs as their tool of documentation, I used a learning log of what is done, learned and smart to do. A participatory action research (PAR) methodology was used in the study; which consequently led me to the action research living theory, concerned with the question of ‘how can I improve my practice?’ In this thesis, I have defined, discussed, and reflected about different theories and concepts related to teaching and learning which are; the ‘banking’ concept of education’, the relations model of didactics, experiential learning, social practice of learning, systemic thinking theory and the five disciplines of organizational learning


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