Design and Development of a Real-Time Monitoring System for Multiple Lead–Acid Batteries Based on Internet of Things


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In this paper, real-time monitoring of multiple lead-acid batteries based on Internet of things is proposed and evaluated. Our proposed system monitors and stores parameters that provide an indication of the lead acid battery’s acid level, state of charge, voltage, current, and the remaining charge capacity in a real-time scenario. To monitor these lead–acid battery parameters, we have developed a data acquisition system by building an embedded system, i.e., dedicated hardware and software. The wireless local area network is used as the backbone network. The information collected from all the connected battery clients in the system is analyzed in an asynchronous transmission control protocol/user datagram protocol-based C♯ server program running on a personal computer (server) to determine important parameters like the state of charge of the individual battery, and if required, appropriate action can be taken in advance to prevent excessive impairment to the battery. Further, data are also displayed on an Android mobile device and are stored in an SQL server database. We have developed a real prototype to devise an end product for our proposed system.




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