Debunking teachers resistant to teaching children to draw a companion to citizenship for the future


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Techne Series: Research in Sloyd Education and Craft Science A;21(2)


NordFo, Nordiskt Forum for Forskning och Utvecklingsarbete inom utbildning i slojd

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The hegemonic position of verbal text in formal education is in this article questioned. The increasing need for competence related to complex visual communication is seen in relation to the education of youngster to develop citizenship for future challenges. Traditions and attitudes in education of children and youngsters (aged 6-12) is discussed in perspective of a teacher attitude I have chosen to call “Resistance to Teaching Drawing” (RTTD). This RTTD-attitude is seen as a hindrance for the development of design literacy for the future. By articulating the ideas of which this RTTD-attitude is grounded, the position of the attitude might be reduced in practical education of children and youngsters.



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